Singen - Lehren       Singing - Teaching

Master class for voice 

incl. elements of the Peter Hess® Sound Methods 

1. Sing with joy

2. Learn to stay relaxed while singing and keep your voice fresh

 3. Be yourself

(Adrian Baianu and Petra Lang)

"Pedrian inmitten seiner Klangschalen"©Petra Lang

cool as a polar bear - but with a big heart

Master class for voice

During the private lesson master class the actual and coming repertoire of the active participant in its respective vocal category should be developed.


Development of recitatives, arias, songs and orchestra lieder

Stylistically and genre specific differentiated analysis, interpretation and presentation of e.g. arias, recitatives and roles

Make “difficult” sections “easier” by using individually fitting Voice-Body-Breathing-Exercises and/or vocalises


Master Class Schedule

09.00 am – 10.00 am warm-up for everyone (please bring warm socks)

10.30 am – 06.15 pm master class (incl. a lunch break)

06.15 pm – 06.45 pm cool-down for everyone


Warm-Up / Cool-Down

At this point you may want to know more about the deployment options of singing bowls in my master class for voice.

Every day, class begins with a warm-up and optionally ends with a cool-down for all participants – active and passive. Sounds from singing bowls are used to support.

Beside the pure Voice-Sound-Production, it is extremely important for us as singers

  • to stimulate imagination to expand the range of expression
  • to strengthen self-awareness in order to exploit our potential to the fullest
  • to being able to let go, which makes learning easier and makes us enter the stage more relaxed and therefore enhances our performance.
  • to being able to relax quickly, easily and most importantly in the right place at the right time
  • to learn to recover quickly
  • to have clarity and understanding of the own abilities and to constantly seek out the own limits and expand them steadily.
  • to see the own body as an instrument and also use it as such
  • to experience resonance.

The sounds of the singing bowl help to relax in a wonderful way and so to find "to yourself".

In the course of a singer's life, each will be individually confronted with different problems and questions. These should be accepted, and your own solution should be found. Here I would like to offer options where each participant can decide for him- or herself what is suitable and to what extent. Now, or perhaps only when needed, to know a way that can help people to help themselves. Each new experience leads to the fact that the movement-, interpretation- and behavioral repertoire, the resilience and the flexibility of each individual can be increased more and more and self-awareness, curiosity and imagination are developed.

Exercises to be used (depending on the individual requirements of each course) are

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Tai-Chi-Exercises to stimulate and / or calm down
  • Elements from Autogenic Training
  • Relaxation Exercises by Jacobson
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Mental Techniques to reduce stress and stage fright
  • Exercises to express emotions and / or portray characters

Through such exercises one can easily learn how easy and rewarding it can be to get involved in something new, which may later become part of one's own actions. It is also important for the lifelong work of singing, to get involved in new things, to grow, to gain greater security and thus to increase the own abilities.

The singing bowls have been with me since 2005. After completing the sound massage training at the Institute for Sound Massage Therapy, I was able to test the sounds of the bowls in self-application, at sound massages in the circle of friends and family and during lessons and learned much about their impact. It was interesting to see how the achieved relaxation resulted in e.g. constructive learning, easy stabilization of new patterns of movement, greater interpretational freedom was possible, which offered more room for vocal development. Dealing with stage fright or jet lag became much easier. All in all, these sounds gave me easy access to my resources.